About Us

emmaEmmaLineDesign is the vision of a thirteen year old who wants to make a difference.   Not only something cool to wear, but something that is functional, makes a statement and can support a cause.

“My dad went on a hunting trip to central California.  When he came home he told me about a bracelet his hunting guide was wearing.  He said that the guide called it a survival bracelet and that it was woven from paracord, a strong cord that they use to when making parachutes.  The guide said that in an emergency the bracelet could be taken apart and the cord could be used in a pinch.  The good part was that it was always with you.  Dad showed me a picture of the bracelet and said that it looked alot like the friendship bracelets my friends and I would weave together.  It really did look like them and I asked dad if he had any paracord.  He went out to the garage and came back with a bundle of it.

I went on the internet and saw how people would weave them and I tried it.  I saw that there were ones with buckles so I got some buckles and started making them for my dad and his hunting friends. Then I thought that they looked really good and I could get all different colors of paracord.  Then I remembered that my dad would always wear a yellow bracelet for cancer awareness.  My mom had just gone through a scare with breast cancer and I asked my dad to get me some pink paracord.  I made my mom a pink bracelet and she loved it.  Mom would wear it everywhere and people would ask her where she got it. This was my way of helping in a situation where I felt helpless and all I could do was hope and pray that things would turn out ok. Then I starting making them in different colors to support other causes.” -Emma

Emma calls these bracelets ALifeLine.  Her idea came from taking something with a practical survival use and then expanding the idea into making it into a symbol of survival.  EmmaLineDesign makes and sells bracelets for charitable organizations and events to help raise money for charity.  “A Lifeline” is a way to show support for your loved ones and other survivors.

EmmaLineDesign has branched out to include Spirit Wear.  Bracelets that that show support for schools or team-building in organizations.

If you would like to learn more about how EmmaLineDesign can work with your organization or cause, please contact us.